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The police may knock at your door with Child Protective Services (CPS) in tow and pick up your children and take them away.

Because of the seriousness of child abuse, child neglect, child sexual abuse, domestic violence and drug abuse, the police and Child Protective Services (CPS) are almost required to err on the side of caution and in the interests of safety and being better safe than sorry. If a child even jokes about having sex with their step-father at school or arrives at school with a bruise they attribute to a parent's live-in boyfriend - well, these are just two examples of how serious an accusation can be. School officials who see something unusual like a bruise or hear of something like this will call the Police and CPS who will take the children away immediately. In a custody case, such allegations can completely reverse the entire arrangement almost overnight - a parent who only has visitation rights one day may get sole physical custody simply on the word of a child the next.

Once your children are in the hands of CPS it can be a nightmare to undue the damage caused by false accusations and innuendo. At The Custody Lawyer we hear stories like this every day and while the attorneys at The Custody Lawyer will help you, we wish many of our clients had come to us sooner. When it comes to child custody and CPS concerns the sooner you retain competant legal representation the better.

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